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Wild Fields Brewhouse supports charitable events and community causes throughout the year, we sincerely thank you for thinking of us. We wish we could support every request. We appreciate your understanding of our need to only take on what we can handle.

Please understand that only a limited number of requests can be fulfilled each year. We ask that you review these prerequisites before filling out this form. (We will not process incomplete requests.) 

  1. Beer donation requests must be from verifiable 501(c) non-profits, preferably for charitable causes where a substantial portion of funds raised directly benefit the local community.

  2. Due to CA law, the organization producing an event where alcohol will be consumed, either by sale on-site or included in the cost of admission, must obtain a special event permit (TYPE 221 CA ABC). Beer may not be donated to benefits or fundraisers held at restaurants, bars, golf courses or similar establishments holding permanent liquor licenses unless that establishment 'surrenders' its permanent liquor license for the event (read license criteria here)

  3. Requests must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of an event, with the preferable lead time being four to six months.

  4. Events with connections to schools, youth or sports programs, as well as music festivals, will not be considered, nor will events that are political or faith-based in nature, or delving into issues possibly deemed polarizing.

  5. Consideration of a request is discretional. There should be no expectations of request approval even if the above prerequisites are met. 

All requests will be screened and you will receive a notification from us about our participation. 

Please complete the form below to submit your request.

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